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How do I charge my car?
You can charge your vehicle by using your own or the charging station's cables at AC charging stations, and by using the charging cables on the device at DC charging stations. You need to download the Zes mobile application or have a Zes card to charge your vehicle at Zes public charging stations.
How do I start/stop charging at Zes public charging stations?
To start charging, make sure the cable is plugged into your vehicle and the station. Proceed to scan your Zes card on the area on the device, or scan the QR code on the device with the Zes mobile application. To complete charging, once again either scan your Zes card, or tap on "Stop Charging" under "Maps" on the mobile application.
Where do I charge my car?
You can charge your vehicle at the public charging stations listed under "Maps" on the mobile application. You can also use our website to view our list of stations under "Charging Locations". If you want to have private charging units installed at your home or office, you can apply by filling out the form in the "Services" section of our website.
How do I check the availability of charging stations?
You can use the Zes mobile application to check the real-time availability of all charging stations, even sockets.
Which vehicles can use your stations?
All fully-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles can use Zes charging stations.
What do I do if the charging cable is unplugged during charging?
When charging begins without any problems, the charging cable locks itself to both the station and the vehicle separately, shutting down all outside intervention. If you encounter a technical problem and notice that the charging cable is unplugged, you can contact us through our call center.
What is Quick Reservation?
Quick Reservation is a method that allows you to make a reservation quickly from the moment you are in to 15 minutes later without choosing a day, hour and duration at charging stations supporting through the Zes mobile application . For example, let’s say it is currently 14:00 and you want to make a quick reservation; your reservation will be made for 14:15. This way, while traveling on the road or when you have an immediate need, you can make reservations quickly.
How can I make a quick reservation?
You can make a quick reservation by simply selecting a connector on a desired charging location detail page, clicking the "Reserve Now" button, then confirming on the subsequent screens through Zes mobile application. In order to make a quick reservation, you must be registered and added your credit card information.
How do I know if the socket I have selected at the station I want to book supports fast booking?
If you see the "Reserve Now" button when you select the connector you want to reserve on the Zes mobile application, you can only make a quick reservation at that station. If you see the "Make a Reservation" button, you can make a standard reservation by selecting the day, time and duration at that station.
What is Zes Autocharge?
Zes Autocharge is a new charging start technology where you can start charging automatically without the need for a Zes card or mobile application when you plug the CCS socket cable into DC charging stations into your vehicle. It's as easy as charging your phone or computer.
Do I pay extra to use Zes Autocharge?
There is no additional charge for Zes Autocharge. It is a technology that is made available to differentiate your experience and make it simpler to use when charging your vehicle at Zes DC charging stations with a CCS socket.
How will Zes Autocharge be used?
You can immediately begin using Autocharge by following just three simple steps;
1. Click the "Activate Autocharge" button in the transaction summary, or follow the instructions from the My Profile > My Tools menu in the Zes mobile app or while you are actively charging in the CCS socket.

2. After activating Autocharge, connect the CCS socket cable to your vehicle first and wait 15 seconds before plugging in the Zes DC charging station. Start your charging procedure after that using the Zes card or mobile app. You will receive a notification that the registration process is finished once your charging process begins, marking the completion of your registration.

3. You are now ready to experience Autocharge. All your subsequent charging processes in the CCS socket will start automatically as soon as you plug the charging cable into your vehicle.
How do I end the charge I started with Zes Autocharge?
You can end your charging process as you wish, either through the Zes mobile application or with the Zes card.
Can I follow the status of my charging process that I started with Zes Autocharge via the mobile application?
Yes, you can track the status and instantaneous charge percentage of your Autocharge recharges that you started with the CCS socket at Zes DC charging stations via the Zes mobile application.
I have multiple tools. Can I activate Autocharge for all?
Yes! You can include all your Zes Autocharge-compatible vehicles by following the activation and registration steps.
Can I charge with Zes Autocharge at any charging station?
You can enjoy an automatic charging experience with Zes Autocharge on CCS sockets only available at Zes DC charging stations.
I have connected the CCS socket cable to my vehicle, but automatic charging does not start with Autocharge. What should I do?
Activate Autocharge via the Zes mobile application; be sure to complete the registration process by starting your first recharge with the Zes mobile app or Zes card.
In addition, when activating Autocharge via the Zes mobile application, you can check whether the vehicle you added supports Autocharge from the My Profile > My Vehicles menu.
How can I turn off Zes Autocharge?
You can turn off Autocharge at any time by clicking the "Deactivate" button in the My Profile > My Tools menu in the Zes mobile app. Autocharge will be deactivated for all your activated vehicles and when you want to enjoy this experience again, you will have to do the activation-registration steps again.
What happens if I sell my vehicle for which I activated Zes Autocharge?
Before selling your vehicle, for which you have activated Zes Autocharge, you must deactivate Autocharge.
Otherwise, since Autocharge is still defined on the vehicle, automatic charging will start as soon as the new owner of the vehicle plugs the CCS socket cable in the Zes DC charging stations to the vehicle, and the process will continue through your account. In order to avoid such unwanted situations, please don't forget to deactivate Autocharge from My Profile > My Vehicles menu in the Zes mobile app before selling your vehicle.
Does my vehicle need to be registered in the mobile app to use Zes Autocharge?
To use the Zes Autocharge feature correctly, you must register your vehicle. When activating Autocharge via the Zes mobile application, a prompt is provided for adding a vehicle.
Note: For a good Autocharge experience, it is recommended not to delete the added vehicle while Autocharge is active.
My Zes Autocharge is active and I made a reservation via the mobile app. Can I start charging when I go to the charging station?
Your reservation is made through your most up-to-date vehicle with Autocharge activation and registration. To start charging with Autocharge through your reservation, you should go to the charging station with your most up-to-date vehicle with Autocharge activation and registration completed.
Although I did not start charging, the message that you started charging with Autocharge came to my mobile application, what should I do?
If you have received a charge start notification that does not belong to you, you can immediately contact the Zes call center or Zes+ Live Support on our site.
If you sell your vehicle without deactivating Zes Autocharge and the vehicle is still associated with your account, the charging process can begin when the new owner of the vehicle connects the CCS socket cable to his vehicle. To avoid such situations, you must deactivate Autocharge before selling your vehicle.
I have activated Autocharge on the Zes mobile app and added my electric vehicle, but why does my vehicle not seem to support Zes Autocharge?
Each vehicle needs a unique code to use Zes Autocharge. Some vehicle manufacturers may use a common code for their vehicles and therefore do not provide an electric vehicle/personalized Zes Autocharge experience. These vehicles appear as incompatible in the Zes mobile app and you should not activate Zes Autocharge if you own one of the following make/model vehicles.

Vehicle makes and models that do not support Zes Autocharge:
- Audi: e-tron model 2018, e-tron model 2019, Q4 Sportback e-tron quattro, Q4 Sportback e-tron, Q4 e-tron quattro, Q4 e-tron
- BMW: i7, iX1, 745e, 740le
- Volkswagen: ID.3, ID.4, ID.5 , ID.Buzz, e-Up!, e-Golf
- Renault: ZOE ZE40, Twizy, Twingo Electric, Fluence ZE
- Rolls-Royce: Spectre EV
- Seat: Mii electric
- TOGG: T10X
- Skywell: ET5
- XEV: iEV7s
- Nissan: Leaf
- DMA: Corolla
- Smart: Fortwo EQ
- Aion: V, S
- Cupra: Born
- Maxus: eDeliver
- Citroen: Ami
- Genesis: GV60
- DFSK : Seres 3
- Mazda: MX-30
- Mercedes-Benz: GLC350e
- Lexus: UX 300e
- Skoda: Enyaq iV, Citigo e-iV
- Lightyear: 0
What are membership requirements?
There are no prerequisites for membership, and its completely free. You can become a member from any part of the world by entering your phone number on the Zes mobile application.
How do I become a member?
You can become a member by downloading the Zes mobile application and following the indicated steps.
How do I get a Zes card?
You can make a request for a card on the mobile application.
How are the prices calculated?
Prices are calculated according to the amount of power you use at the station and the time you spend there. You can find detailed information on pricing on our website's "Pricing" page or the same tab in the mobile application.
How and where do I pay?
You can easily pay by adding your credit card information on the mobile application. Once the charging is complete, the price will be calculated as indicated in the "Pricing" page of our website and the same tab of the mobile application, and withdrawn from your card. Your credit card information is safe with secure payment systems, and is not shared with any other institution or establishment.
Can I have private charging stations installed at public area/office?
You can buy exclusive charging stations for your public area or office, or request installation. Our website's "Services" page contains details about our special services for public areas and offices. Once you have filled out the form, we will get in touch with you for reconnaissance, and then offer you the best solution for your needs following technical surveys.
Can I install/operate an electric vehicle charging station?
You can generate revenue with the charging stations to be installed in your business as part of a partnership with Zes. You can find detailed information on business partnerships in the "Services" page, and fill out the application form. After reconnaissance by our technical team, we will install the best device for your business.