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How do I charge my car?
You can charge your vehicle by using your own or the charging station's cables at AC charging stations, and by using the charging cables on the device at DC charging stations. You need to download the ZES mobile application or have a ZES card to charge your vehicle at ZES public charging stations.
How do I start/stop charging at ZES public charging stations?
To start charging, make sure the cable is plugged into your vehicle and the station. Proceed to scan your ZES card on the area on the device, or scan the QR code on the device with the ZES mobile application. To complete charging, once again either scan your ZES card, or tap on "Stop Charging" under "Maps" on the mobile application.
Where do I charge my car?
You can charge your vehicle at the public charging stations listed under "Maps" on the mobile application. You can also use our website to view our list of stations under "Charging Locations". If you want to have private charging units installed at your home or office, you can apply by filling out the form in the "Services" section of our website.
How do I check the availability of charging stations?
You can use the ZES mobile application to check the real-time availability of all charging stations, even sockets.
Which vehicles can use your stations?
All fully-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles can use ZES charging stations.
What do I do if the charging cable is unplugged during charging?
When charging begins without any problems, the charging cable locks itself to both the station and the vehicle separately, shutting down all outside intervention. If you encounter a technical problem and notice that the charging cable is unplugged, you can contact us through our call center.
What are membership requirements?
There are no prerequisites for membership, and its completely free. You can become a member from any part of the world by entering your phone number on the ZES mobile application.
How do I become a member?
You can become a member by downloading the ZES mobile application and following the indicated steps.
How do I get a ZES card?
You can make a request for a card on the mobile application.
How are the prices calculated?
Prices are calculated according to the amount of power you use at the station and the time you spend there. You can find detailed information on pricing on our website's "Pricing" page or the same tab in the mobile application.
How and where do I pay?
You can easily pay by adding your credit card information on the mobile application. Once the charging is complete, the price will be calculated as indicated in the "Pricing" page of our website and the same tab of the mobile application, and withdrawn from your card. Your credit card information is safe with secure payment systems, and is not shared with any other institution or establishment.
Can I have private charging stations installed at my home/office?
You can buy exclusive charging stations for your home or office, or request installation. Our website's "Services" page contains details about our special services for homes and offices. Once you have filled out the form, we will get in touch with you for reconnaissance, and then offer you the best solution for your needs following technical surveys.
Can I install/operate an electric vehicle charging station?
You can generate revenue with the charging stations to be installed in your business as part of a partnership with ZES. You can find detailed information on business partnerships in the "Services" page, and fill out the application form. After reconnaissance by our technical team, we will install the best device for your business.