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Charging Stations’ Prices
Your usage will be charged as follows;
AC Socket Tariff
AC Type 2 Sockets
6,29 TL/kWh
DC Socket Tariff
60 kW DC CCS
7,49 TL/kWh
120 & 180 kW DC CCS, CHAdeMO
7,99 TL/kWh

BASED ON CONSUMPTIO:  It is calculated by multiplicating the socket's tariff and sessions' consumption.


When your transaction is complete, you need to plug out your socket. Otherwise, you will have prevented the usage of the charging station and an additional fee will be charged. ZES reserves the right to change prices and stop the campaign without prior notice.


Our users who continue their transactions as guests will be charged by the public network’s TL/kWh tariff. 

*This is the price list valid as of August 3, 2023.


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