The purpose of this Privacy Policy is the Zorlu Enerji Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. (“Zorlu Enerji”), www.zes.net website regarding the use of electric vehicle charging (”Station“) service and the mobile application of ZES (website and mobile application channels will be referred to hereinafter as in “Application”). Member (s) is to determine the terms and conditions regarding the use of the information and data acquired by Zorlu Enerji during the use of the Application or shared with Zorlu Enerji during the use of the Application.

In accordance with the applicable Personal Data Protection legislation, the data officer's information is as follows:

Zorlu Energy Electricity Generation Inc.

Address: Levent 199, Büyükdere Cad. No: 199 Sisli / Istanbul - Turkey

ZES Call Center: 0850 339 99 37

Zorlu Enerji uses the information communicated to the Member within the scope of the Application and Station information, including the equipment / equipment model, name, identifiers and Station settings, that the Member obtains in relation to the use of the Application and Station, including, but not limited to, the use of the Station. the information of the Member's movements on the Station, including the duration of the Member, the information (name, e-mail, user name, password, etc.) provided by the Member when starting the membership through the Application and the information regarding the operations performed by the Application and Station (mains voltage and charge). the current information received includes the last 10 years of discharge usage, received software errors, errors of application and station, etc.).

These details and information Contacting the Member, improving the Member's experience of using the Station, developing existing services provided to the Member, creating new services and providing personalized services, making recommendations based on member preferences, providing customized and special content, customer, to make product and service evaluation and analysis, to conduct market research and to make various statistical evaluations and to create a database without revealing the identity of the Member.

Zorlu Enerji will be able to use these details and information for any other activity intended to generate an income by anonymizing it.

These details and information provide appropriate protection methods to ensure a sufficient level of data protection to enable the Member to benefit from the Implementation and Station and the facilities provided therefor, in order to provide the Member with a proper benefit from the Application and Station and to benefit from other offers as well. For the purpose of ensuring that the details and information is transferred, including the transfer of the information, such as customer service etc., which is in cooperation with Zorlu Enerji and the Station. can be shared with organizations.

In the event that the member gives further approval, such information will be processed, stored and communicated to third parties in order to make direct marketing by Zorlu Enerji and its collaborators.

In addition, the Member may be contacted through the details and information in order to make notifications about the application, service and transportation communications, maintenance and support activities.

In addition to the above, Zorlu Enerji anonymizes the use transaction information made by the Member on the Station and the Application; In statistical evaluations, performance evaluations, Zorlu Enerji and its partners' marketing campaigns, annual reports and similar reports, they can store, process and communicate to their business partners within the time required to realize these objectives.

Zorlu Enerji will also be able to share the Member's information with third parties other than those listed above in the presence of the following conditions:

Zorlu Enerji identifies and uses the IP address of the Member in order to identify the problems related to the Station or the Application and to resolve any problems immediately.

IP addresses can also be used to identify the Member in a general manner and to collect comprehensive demographic information.

Zorlu Enerji has the right to transfer the data related to the above mentioned purposes to its servers located in Ireland (the servers may be owned by itself, its affiliates or subcontractors).

Zorlu Enerji may change the provisions of this Privacy Policy at any time.

The provisions of the Privacy Policy, which Zorlu Enerji made amendments, shall be effective on the date of publication.

A member who wishes to request further information about our compliance or to raise questions, concerns or complaints about this Privacy Policy can contact us at info@zes.net, www.zes.net or contact us at the ZES call center on 0850 339 99 37.