You can use your own AC charging cable, or for DC, you can use the DC charging cables present in the ZES Stations. To start charging, plug in the charger and connect the vehicle to the station. For the next step, you can follow the instructions illustrated on the station and start the charging process by using your RFID Card. To end the charging process, scan your RFID Card on the station.

You can charge your car at stations whose locations are plotted on the “Charging Station Map”. If you want a charging unit at home or workplace, please fill in this form to get a special offer.

All electric and plug-in hybrid cars can use ZES Charging Stations.

AC stations work with alternative current, whereas DC stations work with direct current. DC stations enable a faster charging process for cars that are compatible.

The charging time of an electric car depends on a lot of variables such as battery capacity, current level of charge of the vehicle and maximum charging capacity.

We provide our charging services for free at predetermined stations during the launch period.

There is no prerequisite for becoming a member. No payment is needed for signing in to the system.

You can fill in the membership form or contact us through our call center to get your membership. You will need to completely and correctly answer all questions that will be asked during the process.

Please fill in this form to purchase a charging unit and get it installed at your house or workplace. We will contact you after you fill in the form.

We are trying to prevent random vehicles from parking at our spots with devices like barriers and bollards. We also try our very best to provide you with nonstop service by enabling more than one charging cables at most of our stations. If your charging spot is occupied, you can get help from our call center or the management personnel (shopping mall, service stations, etc.).

When the charging process begins, the charging cable becomes immune to outside interventions by locking itself on the station and on the vehicle separately. If you notice any technical problems like the charging cable getting out of its plug, please inform us through our call center.

Please make sure that your vehicle is not locked and try again.

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